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Video:IQ Tests and Gifted Children

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Learn all about IQ tests and gifted children with this helpful information. Here, see facts about IQ tests and gifted children.See Transcript

Transcript:IQ Tests and Gifted Children

An IQ score is an Intelligence Quotient, which is a measure of intelligence and primarily reasoning ability. The higher the score, the greater the reasoning ability.Before you can understand what it means for a child to be highly gifted (or moderately gifted or profoundly gifted), you need to understand what IQ scores represent.

What Is an IQ Score?

If we took everyone's IQ scores and plotted them, we would see they would be distributed in a normal bell curve. That means that most scores would fall somewhere in the center of that bell curve. The score in the absolute center of the bell curve is 100 and that is where we would expect most scores to fall, or where we expect them to cluster. As the scores move away from the norm (100), we will find fewer and fewer scores. However, to make the numbers meaningful, we need to be able to measure the variability of the scores. That is the purpose of standard deviations, which is, quite simply, the average distance scores are from the norm.

Statistics of IQ Tests and Gifted Children

Statisticians determine the Standard deviation of data through a specific formula.The standard deviation used in many tests, including the Weschsler IQ test, is 15. The majority of test scores (which is about 70%) fall somewhere between one standard deviation below and one standard deviation above 100. That means most scores are somewhere between 85 and 115. Those scores are considered the "average" or normal intelligence range.

If we move one additional standard deviation below and one additional standard deviation above 100, we will find about 25% of the scores falling within those ranges. In other words, people with IQs between 70 and 85 and between 115 and 130 make up about 25% of the population. That leaves only about 5% of the population who will have scores somewhere beyond those first two standard deviations away from the norm.A good way to understand the difference in the needs of these different groups of gifted children is to consider how far they are from the norm of 100.So, a child with a IQ score between 115 and 129 is mildly gifted. A score between 130 and 144 is moderately gifted while a score between 145 to 159 is highly gifted.An IQ test score between 160 and 179 is exceptionally gifted and a score of 180 is profoundly gifted.

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