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Video:Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Please

with Eva Dobesch

In this About.com video, learn the German word for 'please' and how to use this translation in different contexts.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Please

Hi, I'm Eva Dobesch a native speaker and teacher of German. Today with About.com, I'm going to teach you how to say ‘Please' in German, along with describing some of its uses.

How to say 'Please' in German:

The correct way to say please in German is 'Bitte'. 'Bitte', or more formally, 'Bitte Schon'.

This can be used in situations such as:

“Please pass the bread”

“Bitte, reichen Sie mir das Brot”

Using 'Please' in other Contexts

'Bitte' also has many other uses depending on the situation.

If someone says ‘Thank you'/'Danke' the correct response is “Bitte” meaning “You're Welcome”

If you would like someone to repeat something, the word ‘bitte' is used to mean ‘pardon me'

Also, the term 'Bitte' or 'Bitte schon' can be used when giving or serving something.

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