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Video:Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Hello

with Flo Haberfehler

Learn the various ways to say "hello" in German, depending on the time of the day and who you are talking to. Watch this About.com video for a brief lesson on how to say "hello" in German.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Hello

Hi, I'm Flo Hablefehler. My first language is German, I'm here for About.com to explain a few things in my language. Today, I'm going to give you an example of a few ways on how to say "hello" in German.

Formal "Hello" in German

Here's a formal way to approach a person you do not know in German. It means translating "Good day" -- say "Guten Tag".

This is how we approach each other in the morning. This is the way to say "Good morning" in German, and it's spoken "Guten Morgen".

This is how we say "Good evening" in German. It is spoken "Guten abend".

Informal "Hello" in German

The less formal way to approach people in German, like friends or people you've already meet and you are familiar with, would be "Grüezi".

Thank you very much for watching this little taste of the German language. If you want more information, just visit us at About.com.   

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