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Video:Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Goodbye

with Flo Haberfehler

Learn how to say "goodbye" in German in a formal and informal way with this About.com quick tip video on learning German.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Learn German: How to Say Goodbye

Hi, my name is Flo Haberfehler. I'm here today to teach you a few things in German. Now, we are going to start with formal and less formal ways to say "goodbye".

Formal "Goodbye" in German

The formal way to say "Goodbye" in German is "Auf Wiedersehen".

Informal "Goodbye" in German

There'a also a less formal way to say in German. If you know people, if it's friends of yours, you normally say "Tschüss".

There's another way to say "Goodbye": if you are prepared to see a person again, anytime soon or later, you can say "Bis bald".

Thank you very much for watching our little German lesson on About.com today. If you want more information, visit us at About.com.


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