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Video:Learn German: Intro to Pronouns

with Ana Moneo Viloria

Pronouns are one of the first sets of words you'll want to learn when beginning in German. This video from About.com will teach you the pronouns in German.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn German: Intro to Pronouns

Hello, my name is Anna and I am here for About.com from BSL. I am going to explain to you pronouns in German.

German Pronouns

The pronouns in German:

  • ich = I
  • du = you
  • Sie, capital letter = you, formal form; that is the form we use to address people whom we do not know well or people with authority
  • er = he
  • sie = she
  • es = it
  • wir = we
  • ihr = you, plural
  • sie = they

My name is Anna and I was here for About.com from BSL and I was explaining to you the pronouns in German. Thank you for watching. You can find more information on About.com

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