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Video:How to Use a Pedigree Genealogy Chart Online

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Learn how to use a pedigree genealogy chart with helpful online resources. Check out these tips to track your family history and keeps a record in a genealogy pedigree chart.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use a Pedigree Genealogy Chart Online

Today, I’m going to show you how to fill out a pedigree genealogy chart. This type of pedigree chart is a great method to track your genealogy.

Download Online Pedigree Charts

Start by visiting: and search for, "Free Interactive Pedigree Chart." Select the appropriate link. Now, you should see a link to "Download Pedigree Chart Now." Select this option and download the PDF. You need Adobe reader to use this file. You can download a free version if you don’t have it. Open the file and start by filling in your information.

Fill in the Pedigree Chart Properly

You will be represented as number 1 on the chart. You father and mother will be numbers 2 and 3 respectively. Continue filling out information working from the left to right. Use capital letters for all the names that you list on this chart. Be sure to use maiden names for any female family members included in your document. Males are given even numbers while the females are given odd numbers. Continue to fill out as much of the chart as you can. The empty spaces will help you keep track of your research so you can complete your family tree.

Learn More About Genealogy from the U.S. Census

You can learn more about the meaning and origin of your family's surnames by exploring the genealogy section of the U.S. Census website. You'll find tips on how to use census records to research your family tree. Thank you for watching for more information on how to create a genealogy chart or family tree  go to:
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