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Video:How to Use a Free Interactive Family Tree Online

with Jason Phipps

Looking to start work on a family tree? There are a number of free, interactive family tree templates to be found online. Here are some instructions for using one of these free interactive family trees.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use a Free Interactive Family Tree Online

I'm Jason Phipps for, and this is how to use a free, interactive family tree.

Using the Family Tree Template

First, go to in your web browser. There, you will find several free, interactive family tree templates as PDF's for download. Download the chart you want to use to your computer by right-clicking and saving the linked file. Find it on your hard drive and begin filling out the text fields. Start with yourself at the bottom of the tree and work your way upward, with your parents branching off of you, and their parents branching off of them, and so on. Include any information such as maiden names, date and place of birth, death dates, etc. This will help with genealogy research when you hit a dead end. Try to keep the females and males on the same sides. This makes tracing the maternal and paternal lines easier.If you run out of room, you can switch to a larger family tree, or use one that's expandable. Save the file, and you can email, or print it out.

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