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Video:How to Research Your Family Tree on the Internet

with Jason Phipps

Research your family tree using certain internet resources in order to learn more about your family history. Check out these tips for researching to start exploring your family tree.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Research Your Family Tree on the Internet

I'm Jason Phipps for, and  this is how to research your family tree on the internet

Go to in your web browser. There you'll find tools like interactive family tree templates and pages of links to both free and paid genealogy sites. Start by downloading a family tree template, and filling it out. This will be your road map into your research.

Start at the Bottom of the Family Tree

Start with yourself at the bottom of the tree, and work your way upward, with your parents branching off of you, and their parents branching off of them, and so on.Include any information, such as maiden names, date and place of birth, death dates, etc. This will help with genealogy research when you hit a gap in the family tree.

Search Internet Archives to Fill in the Tree

When you get to the end of a branch, you can search many sites and archives online. Rootsweb,, and are a few examples to get you started. Known birthdays, maiden names, death dates, place of birth, and even social security numbers will help your search immensely.

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