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Video:How to Pick a Style of Genealogy Chart

with Joe Buggy

Pick a style of genealogy chart will lend itself to a particular way of doing research. Learn about genealogy chart styles so you can begin to trace your lineage.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pick a Style of Genealogy Chart

Hi, my name is Joe Buggy, I am a professional genealogist in New York City and today I am going to talk about how to choose the correct genealogy chart.

Pedigree Genealogy Chart:

The first one I am going to talk about is a pedigree chart also sometimes known as an ancestor chart or a lineage chart. A very good example is this pedigree chart here. So you can see where number one is, that is where you would put your name in and then you would put the name of your spouse. You would trace your paternal line then on the the top part of the chart and your maternal line then on the bottom part of the chart. There are some very good advantages to the pedigree chart. As you can see here you have a number of generations. Some larger charts might be able to encompass a further generation if need be.

There are some slight drawbacks. One of them being is that it only does direct line ancestors. There is no room really to put in brothers and sisters of the person that you are tracing.

Family Group Chart

The next type of record that I am going to show you then is what is called a Family Group Record. This is another type of chart that almost everybody will use in there genealogical research. How this chart works is that it focuses on one particular family: you would have a father, you would have a mother and then you would have the children. One of the main advantages of this type of chart is that you can write about and trace a lot of information on one particular family.

The obvious drawback then is that it just focuses on one particular family only. However with this type of chart you can include religious affiliation, military records and services in different branches of the military. And that is another advantage of this type of chart. When you have reached the end then of your genealogical research you might want to show what you have done to different family members, and this is a very nice chart to convey the main information then that you have researched. So you would start with your name here, your mother and your father's name would go here and then your grandparents and then the next generation. And as you can see it has a nice design in the background of a family tree.

Genealogy Charts are Provided Online

So those are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a genealogy chart. The two charts here are provided for free on and in my opinion they are very good examples of a chart to use when you are doing your research and a chart to use when you are finished and you want to present it to family members. To learn more about genealogy and genealogy charts, please visit

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