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Video:How to Make a Family Tree in Microsoft Word 2010

with Mark Casey

Customize your family tree in Microsoft Word 2010 by learning a few simple formatting tricks. With these tips, you may be inspired to continue to add and trace your family tree further back.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Family Tree in Microsoft Word 2010

Hi, I'm Mark Casey for, and today we're talking about how to create a family tree in Microsoft Word 2010.

Choose a Family Tree Chart in Word

First, open a blank word document, and navigate to the "insert" tab at the top. This will present you with options to insert an image, clip art, a shape or Smart Art. The quickest way to create a family tree chart is to use the Smart Art function.When you click on it, a box will open with numerous options for you to select. There are several interesting categories with different styles of charts, but the most familiar for a family tree will be the hierarchy art.

Choose one that you like and open it. This will place the chart in your Word document, with a text box to the left that allows you to enter words for each box, as well as add levels of hierarchy.Typing into the text box will make the words appear in the chart itself, although you can also add text by clicking on a specific box of your choice. As you type, the text will automatically resize to fit your tree.

Format the Tree Size to Your Needs

You can add levels simply by pressing "enter" in the text box and make your family tree as complex or simple as you need to. To change the size of the tree, simply click on the area surrounding the chart and drag it to make it larger or smaller.

At the top of the screen, you have several options for the look and feel of your chart. Here you can select the style of chart and it will change automatically in your document, while retaining the text you've already entered.Just next to the style options you'll find color options, with choices sorted by theme and color. This is a great way to personalize your family tree quickly and easily on the fly.

Personalize the Family Tree with Images

To make your tree even more personalized, click on the "insert" tab again and select "clip art." This will bring up a variety of images supplied by Word. Search for a term near the top, such as "tree" and it will bring up images to match.To place the image in your document, simply click on it, after which you can select and drag the image to make it the size and location you want.

If you want to use an image as a background for your family tree, simply right-click on the image and select "send behind text." This will lay your text on top of the image.To add an image from your hard drive instead of clip art, simply click on the "insert" tab and select "image." This will bring up a box allowing you to navigate through your hard drive and choose the image you want, just like the clip art.

Add Shapes and Symbols to the Family Tree

If you want to have more control over how your family tree appears, instead of inserting Smart Art, insert individual shapes. This will allow you to place any shape you want, just like clip art.

You can type inside the shape and change the text to your liking, then add more shapes and lines connecting them. Place unique shapes like arrows, stars and circles where you'd like, and drag their corners to make them the size you'd like. With these simple choices, the possibilities for your family tree are limitless. Thanks for watching. For more, go to

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