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Video:Grow a Tomato Plant

with Amanda Switzer

Want to wow your house guests with the freshest homegrown treats in your salads or sauces? This video demonstrates how to Grow a Tomato Plant, so you can have fresh, homegrown tomatoes to use in all your cooking.See Transcript

Transcript:Grow a Tomato Plant

Hi, I'm Amanda Switzer for Home.

Why Grow a Tomato Plant

Are farm stand tomatoes still not fresh enough for you? If so, then you will probably want to grow your own. There are many varieties of tomatoes and the good news is that you do not have to choose just one.

Tomato Plant Varieties

When selecting your tomatoes, think about what you like to cook as well as choosing plants that will bring you a harvest throughout the season. The varieties are limitless you can purchase old school heirloom varieties, these need a little more attention because they have not been hybridized and are more susceptible to disease, so take extra care if you choose these classics. There are heaps of hybrid tomatoes, such as plum, beefstake, cherry, paste and drying and salad varieties.

Stake a Tomato Plant

When you are at the nursery, purchase any type of staking materials you need. The selections are numerous, but you should have a good idea of the size of your garden before you get to the nursery so you do not have too many extra plants. Crowding your tomatoes in the garden only causes fungus and mildew problems so be sure to plan for the size of your garden.

Plant a Tomato Plant

Once you have selected your plants, it is time to get them into the ground so we can be that much closer to reaping the rewards.

We want to place them far enough apart so air can circulate around them and help prevent disease and insect infestation. We also want to arrange them so the taller plants are in the center and the lower growing plants are around the edges for easy access.

There are vine bush and vine tomatoes that need support and these should be placed in the middle or towards the rear of the garden.

Grow a Tomato Plant

Creating the support structure early on is helpful. This way you can tie up the growth as the season progresses. Not only can you use store-bought stakes, you can get creative and use household items like curtain rods, old fishing poles, or anything you think might add interest to your garden.

Once all the plants are in the ground, I'll put a small wire fence around the garden. This will keep out the persistent bunnies. If I feel bad for the bunnies I might plant a row of lettuce far away from my garden to deter them from trying to break through the fence. Soon enough I'll be able to walk out to my garden and pick fresh tomatoes for my summer salads and homemade sauces, and not only will my guest be thankful for the homegrown treats, I'll sit back with peace of mind that my friends and family are eating pesticide-free, healthy food.

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