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Video:Grow a Perennial Plant from Seed

with Amanda Switzer

Why buy plants at the nursery when you can grow a perennial plant from seed? This video demonstrates how to plant perennial seeds, and gives tips toward getting your perennial plant off to a good start.See Transcript

Transcript:Grow a Perennial Plant from Seed

I'm Amanda Switzer for Home.

Why Plant Perennial Seeds?

Seeds take time to grow, and when starting a perennial garden from seed, you're going to have to have patience. But in a few years, you're going to have a bustling garden, full of magnificent perennials and only for dollars rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at your nursery for full grown plants.

Before You Plant Perennial Seeds

You can buy seeds anywhere from exotic seed companies to your local hard-ware store. But when you're purchasing seeds, have a good idea where you're going to put your plants because it's really important to take into consideration light and soil requirements.

When to Plant Perennial Seeds

June and July are great months to start. The warm weather will help facilitate the germination and the overall progress of the plant development.

Plant Perennial Seeds

Before you start anything, it's advised that you freeze your seeds in your freezer. This helps it germinate more rapidly and more evenly. Using the ice tray, freeze the water half way to the rim and then take it out of the freezer and let the ice melt just a little bit. Then sprinkle the seeds on the ice and then, add a little bit more water on top and then put it back in your freezer. Leave it in there for a few days.

Once you have selected and frozen your seeds you're going to need a few other things to get started:

You can purchase trays from your hard-ware store. You can get peat or plastic, or you can make your own out of milk cartons or used pots. I chose to get peat trays because I can put them right into the soil. I don't have to bother transplanting them when they're grown. The other thing you're going to need is some type of soil, and I have this product called soil sponge, which will expand into the trays after I add water. So I don't need to fuss with fumigating my soil, or putting my soil in the oven to sterilize it. This is a very simple way to approach planting seeds. The other thing we are going to need is our seeds, and I've chosen some Columbine, some Baloon Flower and some Coreopsis.

Now we're going to add our soil to the peat trays and start planting our seeds. When I put my soil into the trays, I'm going to fill the soil half way, and them I'm going to add water because this type of soil will expand. And again, I'm going to add some water, and then just pinch, about five or six seeds in each tray. Try not to get your hand wet because the seeds stick to your fingers. Now that I have my pea pod full of Coreopsis seeds and I've compacted the soil and I've watered it in, it's time to put it into the ground for the season until the fall.

Grow a Perennial Plant from Seed

When September and October comes along, it'll be time to take these out of the soil and put them in their permanent homes.

Once we've planted all our seeds in our seed tray and have put them in the ground for the season, we can start to watch our seeds grow. By the end of the season in September and October we'll be able to put them in their permanent places and start our own perennial garden from seed
Thanks for watching.

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