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Video:How to Edge a Garden

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Edging your garden not only creates a clean, attractive line, but it also helps stop lawn grass from creating extra weeds. Learn how to edge your garden in just a few, simple steps.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Edge a Garden

Hi, I'm landscape designer, Sam Barrett, here for to show you how to edge your garden. 

Why Edge a Garden?

A line trimmer is used to do the finishing touches on edging to get a nice clean crisp edge on the grass.  You want to make sure to have safety glasses and ear protection.  This is a manual edger and we will use this to get a nice crisp edge between the side walk and the lawn.  

Begin to Edge

We will start edging with the shovel to get our initial line cut.  Now since we have nice curve here, I'm not going to use a string to determine the line that I want to cut.  I'm just going to eye it.  So I'm going to start by getting my shovel lined up.  Just going to break off that edge to get a nice straight cut.  I'm just using as much force as I have to get the edge cut. 

My goal is to remove as little soil as possible because we don't want to work the edge too far back.  If you cut too far back, you start to lose lawn and over the course of a few years, you'll have a much smaller lawn.  This is going to give us the nice deep edge we're looking for, clearing the soil away about 2 or 3 inches.  We're working a bit of a curve here so I am just using my eye.  I have to cut a nice perfect straight line.  A lot of landscapers like to use a guide so you would put 2 stakes in the ground and a line between them, a Mason's line.

Clean Up the Grass

Now that I cut the soil on the edge away with the shovel, I'm going to bring in the line trimmer to just clean up the grass.  This grip were the head is flat and cutting a smooth flat top.  This grip is used for cutting a nice edge a little long. 

It's important to keep the wheels of your manual edger on the sidewalk.  If you switch and do it this way, you'll be beating up the lawn.  So you want to keep the wheels on the sidewalk and you run it back and forth cutting the soil away.  That's how your edge your garden. 

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