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Video:How to Deadhead Flowers

with Charlie Siegchrist

Deadheading perennials stops blossoms from going to seed, saving the plant energy and you garden work come springtime. Find out how to deadhead flowers properly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Deadhead Flowers

Hi, I am Charlie Siegchrist for Home and Garden, and today we are going to talk about deadheading flowers.

Why Deadhead Flowers?

Deadheading is essentially the removal of blossoms that have gone by. The plant expends a lot of energy making flowers, and then expends even more turning the pollinated flowers into seeds.

There are very few perennials we like to see go to seed in our garden. We would rather they use the energy making more buds for next year. We want to keep what is in flower and anything else we can cut off.

How to Deadhead Flowers

Gather up everything you can easily reach with one hand, and take as many as you can conveniently grasp, and keep moving right along. So here we have a plant that in a few short seconds looks much cleaner and tidier, and its remaining blooms can show off in much better condition.

Deadheading Different Flowers

Deadheading can happen on perennials of any size. This is a perennial sunflower, and it depends how picky you want to get. We want to remove anything that is obviously dead, flowers that are really gone by like that one. Same idea, grab two or three stems at a time. There is no need to be persnickety, if you do not get all of them. If you get eighty five percent you are a hero. You save the plant a scad of energy, you save yourself from weeding out seedlings next spring, and you improve the appearance of the plant.

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