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Video:Tips for Growing Strawberries

with Ben Samuels

Strawberries can grow juicy and delicious, especially when you use these gardening tips from video. Forget the supermarket produce aisle and grow fresh strawberries in your own garden.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Growing Strawberries

Hi, I’m horticulturist Geri Laufer here on behalf of Crabapple Landscape Experts for And we’re going to talk about tips for growing strawberries.

Garden Healthy Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are perennials. Typically they’re grown as annuals in commerce but in the home garden it’s a little different. Choose the very healthiest strawberry plants you can find with no fungus lesions, no anthracnose, their susceptible.

How to Plant Strawberries

Plant them about a foot apart in the garden. Some people plant them on hills, mounds of soil. Other people plant them in a matted bed design which allows for the strawberry runners that they’ll send out in the fall or next spring to actually root into a whole matted area.

Strawberries Grow Best in Most Soil

Strawberries like a rich, moist soil. They’re often grown on sandy soils with irrigation. They like a mulch. Mulching is good because it holds in the moisture, helps them overwinter and also keeps the berries clean and off the soil but on the mulch.

Typically when strawberries have enough moisture and water they swell up and they become juicy red strawberries then you know they’re ready to eat.  They’re no longer white they’re bright red. That strawberry red.

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