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Video:How to Make Paper Pots For Seeds

with Debbie Dalrymple

Learn how to easily make small paper pots out of newspaper that you can use to start your seedlings in.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Paper Pots For Seeds

Hi, I’m Debbie Dalrymple with Farmyard CSA for Garden.

Today I’m going to show you how to make little newspaper pots that you can use to plant your seedlings in, and then you can plant them directly in your garden without disturbing the roots. Over the season, the pot will break down and become part of the soil.

Cut Newspaper Into Strips

We’re going to start by using a regular newspaper and a tomato paste can. We’re going to cut the newspaper into strips approximately 1 1/2 times the length of the can.

Roll Newspaper Around Can

Once we have our pile of strips, we’re going to take a strip and roll it length-wise around the can. Then we’re going to make sure that we leave the excess newspaper on the open end of the can, and we’re going to fold that newspaper into the can.

Remove Newspaper and Flip

Then we’re going to slide the newspaper off of the can. Wearing these gloves actually gives me a little more grip on the newspaper. So I’m going to use them to pull the newspaper off of the can, and I’m going to turn the newspaper in the opposite direction.

Fold Ends

So now the closed end of the can is what I’m going to use to push those folded ends back into the can to create the bottom of the pot. And now we have a finished pot that’s ready for use to plant a seed in.

Fill Pot With Soil

We’ll take this pot, fill it up with some soil, put a seed in it, put a little bit of soil on top of it, and then I like to top this off with a little bit of Vermiculite - just straight Vermiculite. Vermiculite helps prevent dampening off.

Dampening off is what it’s called when you have a seedling that has a pinched look right at the top of the soil level. Then they usually die. A couple of things cause that, but one of the ways to help prevent it is to add a layer of Vermiculite on top of your seeds.

Now we have a pot that’s ready to go either into our greenhouse or under our grow lights.

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