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Video:Pruning Raspberry Bushes

with Charlie Siegchrist

If you want healthy raspberry bushes with large fruit, you'll need to grab pruning shears and cut away tired looking foliage. See our tips for pruning raspberry bushes that will help you grow big, delicious raspberries year after year.See Transcript

Transcript:Pruning Raspberry Bushes

Hi, I am Charlie Siegchrist for Home and Garden, and I am going to show to show you how to prune red raspberries.

Remove Fruit Barring Canes

This raspberry patch has just borne its summer crop. We want to remove the canes that have just borne fruit. These dark brown ones with the tired looking foliage are quite obvious compared to the bright green canes.

The Goal of Pruning

So in pruning the raspberries the first thing we do is go in and take out these ones with the dark brown stems. In managing the raspberry crop we try to have a large, healthy root system that is feeding a severely limited number of canes. By limiting the number of canes we force all the energy of the root system to produce large fruit on those few canes, it also improves air circulation around the crop, which reduces fungal diseases.

Remove Small Canes

So after the old canes are removed the next thing we do is to go into the new canes and remove anything that is smaller than the diameter of a lead pencil. The dead ones all come out, and then probably seventy or eighty percent of the remaining canes come out.

How Much Should You Prune?

So this thick bushy row will end up eventually with large canes spaced at perhaps 3 for every two square feet. Your row might be two feet wide and have three canes for every running foot and would look quite bald when it was thoroughly pruned.

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