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Video:Oriental Lily Care Tips

with Yolanda Vanveen

Lilium Orientalis, or Oriental Lily, is a bright, golden lily whose fragrance will perfume your entire garden. See our tips on growing and caring for Oriental Lilies in your own garden.See Transcript

Transcript:Oriental Lily Care Tips

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for About.com Garden, and today we are going to learn all about growing Lilium Orientalis.

Now Oriental Lilies are the fragrant lily like Star Gazer and Casablanca and this particular flower bulb is concador, it means 'ring of gold.' It’s just a beautiful bright golden fragrant lily and it just so beautiful.

Oriental Lily Bulbs

Now lilies are a bulb, a true bulb and they are related to garlic and onion and so you can actually take every little piece off and it will grow its own flower. But my rule is leave it together as one and you will get a lot of blooms and eventually it will make babies. So don’t separate those babies from the mama’s until they're big as the mama’s and leave them together 'cause they will multiply and you will get lots and lots of flowers.

Plants in Full Sun

Now lilies want to have full sun or little bit of shade. They don’t want deep shade, they will reach for the sun. So if you live in really warm climate give them part shade, if you live in the mild climate make sure they are in that full hot sun. An ideal spot for a lily, is really hot sun all day and a little bit of shade in the late afternoon.

Plant in Groups

So when you plant lily, you want to plant them in a group. I always like to do at least three in a triangle about three inches apart, six inches apart or even a foot apart if they are large lilies and you want to plant them three or four inches deep. So when you plant them too you want to plant them with the like they are a Hershey’s kiss candy in away they got the tip side and the root side. The tip goes up when you can’t tell go sideways and that is also a good rule of thumb.

Growing Season

You can plant lily bulbs year round. Anytime they are not in bloom and I been amazed that I planted lilies until even July, August and they bloomed in the fall for me. You leave them in the ground all year round, don’t dig them up unless you live in a really hot climate that will have no winter. Then dig them up and put them in the bag with some soil in the refrigerator for about two to three months. Throw them out in the ground again and they are going to bloom every year for you.

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