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Video:Installing Drip Irrigation

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Installing drip irrigation in your home garden is an excellent way to ensure your plants receive the water they need without breaking your back. Learn the basics and flex your green thumb today.See Transcript

Transcript:Installing Drip Irrigation

Hi, I'm landscape designer, Sam Barrett.  I'm here for to show you how to set up a drip irrigation system. 

Getting Started

Half inch drip line is the main part of the system.  A lot of systems will include quarter-inch drip line.  In this case, we have quarter-inch drip line connected to our ammeters already.  We have 2 different size ammeters, a 1 gallon and a 2 gallon, which one you use will depend on the water requirements of the plants you're watering.

This is a quarter-inch Tee connector.  For example, if you wanted to have 2 ammeters connected close to each other, it's how you would use that. 

There are Many Different Brands Available

There are a lot of different brands of drip systems.  We have 2 different models of the Tee connector for a half-inch line here.  We also have a 90-degree connector for a half-inch line.  This will be using to cap off the end of our half-inch drip line.  You'll need to connect your half-inch drip line to your spigot and you'll need a backflow preventer which is included in most drip kits.

Installing the Drip Irrigation

I'll be using my garden shears to cut the drip line as we install it and I'll be using these pliers to install the barb quarter-inch drip line.  First thing you need to do is connect your spigot connector to your half-inch line. 

Then you'll connect your backflow preventer.  You don't have a good gasket on your backflow.  You want to put some Teflon tape on your connector here.  This hedge is the perfect place to use a drip line.  When you use a drip line, you're focusing water right with the plant seen at the most, right by the roots.  You're not spraying water on the side walk and all over the place where it won't be used by the plants.  

Capping your drip line is really simple.  Take this piece and you put one end over.  You can go bring it down and you're going to fold the drip line over.  I'd like to get a good 6 inches.  I like to put a piece of duct tape right here to secure it. 

This is how you use a Tee connector if you want 2 heads on one location.  They are pointing in here that's going to go onto the post.  Two ammeters will obviously drip twice as much water.  Since every drip line manufacturer has a different procedure for insulation, make sure you really read the instructions on the package. 

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