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Video:How to Set Up Hydroponics Irrigation

with Justin Brownlee

Hydroponics irrigation is an important part of maintaining your water-based gardening system. Learn how to properly set up hydroponics irrigation for a flourishing garden.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up Hydroponics Irrigation

Hi, I'm Justin Brownlee with Health Harvest Hydroponics here for About.com and today we're going to be talking about setting up irrigation for your hydroponic garden.

Irrigation is the deliver of water and nutrients to a plants root zone, obviously where it is needed most. Irrigation is one of the key factors to successful hydroponic gardening. I'm gong to show you how to set up a simple irrigation system for your hydroponic garden in just a few simple steps.

Supplies for Hydroponics Irrigation

You'll need:
  • A tray
  • A reservoir
  • Tub outlets
  • A pump
What we are using today for a grow space is a tent or a hut. These are popular and they're pretty inexpensive, they already have all the reflective material inside, they're sturdy, and they're light proof. There's no light leaks in or out, which is nice.

Set up the Reservoir

You've got to make sure you have room to slide a reservoir underneath this and that everything is going to be supported alright. This is a 40 gallon reservoir. There's a lot of way that you could set up a tray but over the years I've found this is just easiest for taking things out and cleaning.

Fit the Tub Outlets

Try and make sure that your holes are lined up with your reservoir lid. These are the fittings, the tub outlets that are going to go with your tray. When you put them in there's a couple of things you want to make sure of. Make sure you've got a rubber grommet / washer such as this. This goes inside the tray, not underneath. So you want to put that on first. Slide this through. Your hydro shop can drill these trays for you. You want to make sure it's nice and tight so that you don't get any leaks out of here.

Place the Pump Properly

This is the pump you'll need. This is a 590 gallon per hour. It's probably the largest you'd wanna go for a set up like this. You could get away with about a 300 gallon per hour. I always like to set mine right at the bottom.

Now that you've set up your irrigation, your hydroponic garden is all set to deliver water and nutrients to your corp of choice. Thanks for watching, to learn more visit us on the web at About.com.
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