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Video:How to Plant a Tree

with Sabrina Veroczi

Jazz up your yard - and create shady spaces - by planting some trees. Check out these tips on how to properly plant a tree.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plant a Tree

Hi. I'm Sabrina Veroczi for Home. Planting a tree can be a simple and effective way to brighten the landscape, provide shade, and create insulating windbreakers from cold winter winds.

So today I'm going to show you how to plant a small tree, with a few tips for best results.

Supplies Needed to Plant a Tree

For this project, you are going to need:
  • a pair of gardening gloves
  • a shovel
  • a sharp knife
  • a gardening cultivator tool
  • a small tree

Select a Tree

When choosing a tree, it's important to keep in mind the seasonal climate and type of soil in your area.

Once you have determined the best type of tree for your area, plan to plant your tree during the spring or fall, when the weather conditions are optimal for the tree to take root.

Dig a Hole for the Tree

Using a gardening shovel, dig a hole in the ground where the tree is going to live that is approximately three times the width and three quarters the depth of the ball of roots on your tree.

Spread the Roots of the Tree

To protect the leaves and branches, lay the tree on its side, with the roots facing the hole. Using a sharp knife, gently but firmly remove the cover on the roots.

Running your fingers through the roots, gently spread the roots and guide them outwards and downwards.

Prepare the Soil

Next, prepare the soil on the walls of the hole so that the water disperses to the roots more easily and the soil is better prepared to receive the roots of the tree. To do this, use a fork or gardening cultivator tool to break up the soil around the edges.

Next, double check the hole you've created to ensure that the roots will be free of any barrier as they try to expand into the ground.

Position the Tree in the Hole

Holding the tree by the root base, place the tree in the hole. Gently rotate the tree by the root base to orient the tree so that the best side is facing you and standing perfectly vertical.

Fill in the Hole with Soil

Once the tree is positioned, fill in the hole with soil, making sure to spread plenty of soil under and around the roots while making sure not to bury the root crown, or the base of the trunk. This may cause the base of the trunk to rot.

Using your hands, lightly pack the soil around the tree.

Water the Tree

Immediately use a garden hose or a five-gallon bucket of water to water the tree. To maintain your new trees life, remember to water it at least once a week for the first six months.

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