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Video:How to Plant an Herb Garden

with Marie Iannotti

Want to wow your house guests with the freshest homegrown treats in your salads or sauces? This video demonstrates how to plant an herb garden, so you can have fresh, homegrown, herbs to use in your cooking.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plant an Herb Garden

Hi. I'm Marie Iannotti, your Guide to Gardening.

Where to Plant an Herb Garden

You don't need a special herb garden to enjoy the luxury of fresh herbs. You don't even need a garden at all, because so many herb plants can be grown just about anywhere, in any space.

Herb Garden Necessities

Here's what you need:
  • Pots or containers (at least 6" size)
  • A well draining potting mix (like this soilless mix, here)
  • Plant Food
  • Sunlight (about 5 or more hours per day)
  • Herb Seeds or Herb Plants

Before You Plant an Herb Garden

You can start most herbs from seed, but nurseries have all kinds of pre-grown herb plants available year round. Choose a couple of your favorites. I like perennial herbs, like rosemary, thyme and chives.

You could plant an entire herb garden in one large container, but they're easier to care for if they're separate.

Plant an Herb Garden

The most important considerations in potting herbs are the same as with any other type of plant:
  • Room for the roots to grow
  • Drainage holes at the bottom
Use a soilless potting mix because it drains well, but remember soilless potting mixes do not have nutrients. And though herbs have more intense flavor if they grow in lean conditions, you still need to feed your herbs every other month or so. Add a fertilizer labeled for use on edible plants.

Water an Herb Garden

Use the finger test before you water your herbs. Poke your finger into the top inch or so of soil. If it feels dry all the way down, it's time to water. Just remember, herbs don't like wet feet. More plants die from over watering than under watering.

Getting Herbs from your Herb Garden

You can start snipping your plants once they are about 6 inches tall. Snip down to a new set of leaves or, in the case of plants that grow from the soil line, like chives, snip the whole leaf. Leave enough foliage so the plant can rejuvenate and your herb garden will thrive.

Cluster your containers together on windowsills, steps, tables or patio walls to create an herb garden.

Thanks for watching. For more on herb gardening, check out the About Gardening website at
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