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Video:Tips on Growing Tulips

with Yolanda Vanveen

Tulips are a classic and much-prized flower that will look absolutely great in your garden. See our tips for growing tulips so you get beautiful blooms year after year.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips on Growing Tulips

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden, and today we are going to learn all about growing tulips.

History of Tulips

Now tulips are the reason we have a stock market today. Back in history when the first Tulip were found in Turkey in the Middle East they brought them back to Holland and they realized they were worth gold. So people put all this money out for the next year's crop whether they failed or not, so they started the whole stock market system just because of the one plant.

Plant At Least Three Inches

Now they’re an easy addition to your garden as long as you got good drainage and a lot of sun and they bloom every spring dependably. Now tulips are great plant to grow either in the garden or container and my rule of thumb is always plant at least three in a triangle about six inches a part or so. If is in the garden or the container at least three to five in one container and you want to make sure that they are about three inches deep.

Now, in the Northwest I had found three inches deep is deep enough. Books will tell you seven inches or eight inches deep, but here, where we have really wet soil over the winter, they’ll rot right out. If you live somewhere where there’s three feet of snow, you can plant them six, seven, eight inches deep. But if you live in a very wet climate do not plant them deeper than three inches and make sure they are in raised bed.

Water Tulips Over the Summer

Another trick is make sure that you water them over the summer because if you live in a warm climate where you get really warm dry summers and they never get any water all summer long. They are going to dry right out to nothing.

Tulip Container Gardening

When you put them in containers, I only plant mine about three inches deep and I just leave them in container year round.

Protect Tulips From Critters

Easy trick too if you got deer in your neighborhood plant them in the middle of bunch of Daffodils cause deer won’t eat the Daffodils and the Tulips that I plant in my front beds and in the middle of my Daffodils, the deer have not messed with and it’s an easy solution to an easy problem the same if you have critters eating them just put them in containers in the ground or put the in raised beds with some kind of wire mesh underneath.

But they are a beautiful plant to have in your garden. And they’re such a delight to remind you of your childhood and your time that you spend in your grandma’s house. Thanks for watching this video, for more information visit us on the Web at
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