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Video:Grow an Avocado Plant

with Stephen Haskell

Next time you eat an avocado, hang on to the seed because you can grow it into a fruitful plant. Try this fun project with your kids.See Transcript

Transcript:Grow an Avocado Plant

Hi, I'm Stephen Haskell for Gardening. Today, I'm going to show you how to turn an ordinary avocado into a thriving plant for your home or garden.

Location of the Avocado Seed

The avocado is shaped like a pear. It has a leathery, rough skin on the outside, soft, edible green flesh on the inside, and a hard seed at the center.

People usually throw avocado seeds away, but we can use it to grow a whole new plant.

Supplies Needed to Grow an Avocado Plant

For this project, you will need:
  • a soft avocado
  • small toothpicks
  • a glass
  • water
  • potting soil
  • a pot

Germinate the Avocado Seed

First, we need to germinate the seed so that it sprouts a green shoot upwards and white roots down.

Stab the seed with three toothpicks, spaced evenly around the seed's middle. Next, secure the seed on top of the glass, propping the toothpicks on the glass rim.

Now fill the glass with water, so about an inch of the seed is submerged. Finally, place the seed somewhere warm with lots of indirect light, and not too much direct light.

Water the Avocado Plant

In about a week's time, you will see thin white roots growing down into the water. You'll also notice a green shoot cracking through the top of the pit's shell.

Always maintain the same level of water by adding fresh water to the glass as it evaporates. You don't need to replace, just add.

Put the Avocado Plant in a Pot or Garden

When the green shoot has grown about six inches long, it's time to plant it in a pot.

If you live in a warm climate, you can plant the avocado plant in your garden. Otherwise, it's best to keep it in the pot.

Keep the Soil Damp

Pot the plant, and water it every few days in small amounts. You want the soil to be damp but not wet. Lots of drainage is important here, so make sure your pot has holes on the bottom.

Don't count on producing a harvest of avocados, because it could take years for this plant to grow into a fruit-bearing tree. But enjoy the exciting process of turning an ordinary avocado seed into a beautiful addition to your home and garden.

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