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Video:Flowering Plants for Container Gardens

with Carol Lindsay

You can give a warm, colorful welcome to your guests with flowering plants on your porch. This About.com video shows you some of the best flowering plants best for container gardens.See Transcript

Transcript:Flowering Plants for Container Gardens

Hi, I’m Carol Lindsay with Landscape Design in a Day in Portland, Oregon, here today for About.com.

Flowering Plant Colors

Today, we’re going to be sharing with you the best flowering plants for container gardening. I’m thinking about a container garden that’s just full of flowers and I would like to have different sizes of flowers. The colors could echo each other, for instance if you had a sky blue, billowing, Lobelia, that’s an annual, and then we might want to do another flower that’s a big sized Snapdragon, a two pieced flower.

Complimentary Flowering Plants

So you want to get contrast in your size. You can do color echo, that’s very fun, where your primary plant, maybe it’s a salmon color and it’s bright and at its base you could do a very pale, billowing plant like a Diascia, that would be great. You could use burgundy and then have a contrasting color like a lime green with the burgundy.

I think I would go with trailers around the edge and they could be foliage or flowers. Then you can get the trailing plant an just put those around the outside of the pot, and put your billowers in next, and then pick a focal point plant.For instance, here’s an easy one. All around the edge, I would do Silver Mouse Dichondra. Right next to that, I would do something simple like the Diascia or Lobelia which you can get just about anywhere.

Right in the middle let’s put one of those new fancy Heuchera’s, Coral Bells, there’s a million of them. You’ll get this wonderful foliage interest.Then at one point in the summer, those shoot up and add a vertical element to the container. That would be so easy.Thanks for watching! If you’d like more information, say right here on About.com.

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