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Video:Tips on Caring for Cyclamen

with Yolanda Vanveen

Cyclamen are beautiful plants that thrive in the shady spots where other plants wither. See our tips on growing and caring for cyclamen in your own garden.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips on Caring for Cyclamen

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden and today we are going to learn all about growing cyclamen.

Varieties of Cyclamen

Now, I have cyclamen outside in my flower bed and they are cyclamen neopolitanum, but there are other varieties of cyclamen that you can only grow as a house plant if you live in a colder climate and they follow the same rules, just in the house.

Now these hearty cyclamen, the cyclamen neopolitanum, they bloom every fall, they have beautiful purply, mauve colored flowers and I just love them, They multiply very quickly and you can grow them inside as a house plant as well but these are wonderful because I just leave them in the ground year-round.

Separating Cyclamen

So, they multiply quickly so you can leave them for years or as they multiply in the group gets wider and wider you can just cut pieces of it off. What I like to do is just chop right down the middle or a section from the outside in and kind of just break it away from the rest of the plant. Just be careful with it too, you don’t want to do too much damage; kind of rock and you can just kind of pull it apart.

Now these can be left outside year-round in the Pacific Northwest, if you live in colder climates you might have to bring them in but they are just a beautiful, beautiful plant. Now they make just a huge bulb, look at that, it’s just like a dinner plate, so every section of that bulb will regenerate so if you want to separate it out, you can just chop it down the middle or put it in to pizza slices and turn around and put them back in the ground. As long as there is a leaf and it’s attached to the bulb it will continue to grow and multiply. It’s pretty easy like that and I love my cyclamen. And sometimes they are hard to separate so a lot of times I will take my fork right down the middle, and it breaks right apart, as long as it looks like a potato inside your cyclamen bulbs are still good, and I would turn around and plant them as soon as you can right into the ground or right into a container.

Cyclamen in Containers

If you keep them in containers though make sure they are on the dry side and the same with your cyclamen as a house plant, make sure they get some light but not full, hot sun through a window and you want to keep them wet but you want to let them dry out in between. As long as the leaves look good I leave them alone as soon as the leaves dye back I chop them back, it’s pretty simple like that.

Grow in Partial Shade

Now cyclamen are great because they are a shade plant but they don’t want to do deep, deep shade. So if you’ve got such dense forests that nothing is growing on the ground, you are not going to get cyclamen to grow. So make sure you have a little bit of light or cut down some branches. But make sure that, my rule of thumb is, if weeds will grow, cyclamen will grow, so they are a gorgeous addition to your garden.

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