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Video:Crocosmia Care Tips

with Yolanda Vanveen

Crocosmia are a beautiful flower related to the iris. They make an eye-catching addition to any garden and are easy to grow. See our tips on growing and caring for crocosmia.See Transcript

Transcript:Crocosmia Care Tips

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden and today we are going to learn all about growing crocosmia, one of my favorite plants.

Origins of Crocosmia

Now, crocosmia is originally from South Africa and it has a fascinating history. In fact, in South Africa, they only have the orange varieties and back a long time ago, hundreds of years ago, they called them montbrisha. They named them after a French guy but they brought that montbrisha, just the orange ones to England and then they hybridized all the other gorgeous yellows and the red lucifer and all the other gorgeous colors of crocosmias.

Growing Climate

Now, crocosmia are related to irises, so they like full sun and good drainage and it’s the fall now. They are done blooming but you always want to save the seeds and you can replant them in the spring or spread them out where they are at because they multiply very quickly. They can only go down to ten degrees, so if you live in a really cold climate dig them up; if you live in a warm climate, leave them in the ground, but they are very, very easy to grow. Every fall just cut them back whenever they turn brown, cut the whole thing out and the bulbs, leave them in the ground or turn around and divide them. As long as they are green and look lush leave them alone, if they are brown, cut them out.

Dividing Crocosmia

So fall is a great time to divide them to because they are going to multiply real quickly, you are just going to start with just a few bulbs, always plant them in about three in a triangle, plant them three inches deep and as they multiply just dig them back out. Now, you will come up with bulbs and they just get bigger and bigger every year and they will multiply too, so eventually they will make all types of babies. To divide them out just separate the bulbs, if you live in a cold climate just throw those in a paper bag or a paper box for the winter and replant them in the spring. Another trick too is if they get real crowded and you can’t separate them out, just divide them by twisting them, just twist them apart and they divide real easily.

Planting Crocosmia

So crocosmias are a real rewarding plant and they are so beautiful, the hummingbirds love them so always plant them back in the spring or if you have a mild climate throw them back in the ground in the fall; plant them about three inches deep, as long as they have good drainage and a really good sunny spot they will come back years and years to come. They are a great addition to your garden.

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