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Video:Cannas Winter Care Tips

with Yolanda Vanveen

Cannas are a beautiful plant originally from Mexico. That means that they need special attention to survive the winter months. See our tips on caring for the cannas in your garden so you get beautiful blooms from year to year.See Transcript

Transcript:Cannas Winter Care Tips

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden, and today we are going to learn all about growing Cannas.

Cannas Climate

Now the cannas lily is a beautiful plant originally from Mexico and it can survive pretty well even in the Northwest in the ground, if you have a really hard winter sometimes you lose them. In mild climates you can leave them in the ground year round and if you live in a really cold climate they are easy to grow as long as you dig them up and store them in the winter and start them again in the spring; they are gorgeous and here are some tips on how to grow them.

Cut off Brown Leaves

Now I’ve got all these cannas in my water feature and they were gorgeous all summer but now it’s starting to freeze at night and last night really did them in, so at this point before it freezes too hard I’m just going to cut off anything that has turned brown. So my rule of thumb is, if it is green leave you cannas alone, if they look tacky in any way chop them down. Take the bulbs and you can separate them and save them for the next year or leave them in the pot dry but either way they are going to come back but the trick is you want to leave them on the dry side.

Save Tubers in Newspaper, Sawdust or Soil

Now the bulbs themselves are like a tuber so they are just chunky and they look kind of scary but they are easy, easy to grow. So, whenever you are dividing them or saving them even if you live in a cold climate you just take the dirt away from it, wrap it in newspaper, put it in paper bag but you don’t want it to be too dry either so check here and there; you can leave it in sawdust or I like to leave it with some soil.

Plant Cannas Tubers Sideways

Again they are just a tuber, so when you plant them back too, always plant them sideways, there is not really an up or down, they have eyes; that’s where they grew this year. So as long as there is a stem, it’s a separate bulb and you can always twist them, just by twisting them you will find a lot of times if you have two stems you could break it into two different plants. So, as long as you have an eye and a bulb you’ve got a plant and the growth is going to come out of all these knobs too.

Plant in Sunny Spot in April or May

So now is the time, it’s fall and it’s starting to freeze at night, I am going to pull my cannas out of my water feature, I’m going to chop them down and store them in the green house and in April/May I am going to put them out into the sunniest spot again. Once they have growth on them, I don’t put them into the pond when they are dormant, I wait until there is growth; as soon as there is growth I put them in the pond, let them bloom all summer, soon as they turn brown in the fall I hack them back and put them back in the garage. It’s really that easy, they are such a wonderful addition to your garden.

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