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Video:How to Reduce Basement Condensation

with Joshua Clement

Basements are notorious for getting wet and damp. Learn some ways to reduce basement air filtration from the outside and reduce condensation in this how-to vide from Transcript

Transcript:How to Reduce Basement Condensation

Hi there. I'm Joshua Clement with, and I'm going to talk to you about how to reduce the condensation in your basement.

Using Plastic Over Windows to Reduce Basement Condensation

Basements are notorious for getting wet and damp. You want to reduce the air filtration from the outside, because your basement is going to stay right around ground temperature. For this reason, the air coming in from outside is going to be either a little bit hotter, or a little bit colder. This temperature change causes a lot of condensation, especially on your metal pipes, and dripping from your wood and electrical cables.

Now, what you're going to do is take a plastic or a visqueen and put it over your windows. Tape it, or use spray foam if need be. Another good idea is to place insulation where the basement goes above ground. This temperature change is pretty drastic, so shove some insulation up there if you can. If you can't, you may have to use spray foam.

Covering Metal Pipes in Your Basement

Also, the metal pipes that you often find in a basement constantly drip condensation. The best thing to do is to buy insulation wrap and put it around them to reduce the condensation that is dripping from that. Also, with water lines, you have hot and cold running through the basement causes a lot of condensation. You can pick up insulators that just snap right on there, and that's all.

Choosing a Basement Sub Pump and Dehumidifier

Something else to keep in mind is a good sub pump. These old basements are notorious for flooding. That moisture rises up, and it gets on your metal and your wood and all that causes it to drop back down. You want to get that water out of here, so get a good sub pump that will pump all that away from your house, that way it's not leaking back down into the basement.

One of the best ways to reduce the condensation is a dehumidifier put into your basement. This actually pulls the moisture out of the air and collects it, and then you dump it outside, down a drain, or into your sub pump. Condensation coming up from the basement soaking into your wood joices, could cause early rot for your wood. Make sure you get that water out of there.

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