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Video:How to Organize a Workbench

with George Allen

The garage workbench should be organized for all the hands-on projects you want to accomplish. Before you break out the tools, watch this video to make sure your workbench is going to help, not hurt, your DIY goals.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Organize a Workbench

Hi, I'm George Allen, here today to talk to you about how to organize your workbench on Do you find that your workbench easily becomes cluttered and you tools are never where you need them be?  It may be time to finally organize your workbench.

What are Your Workbench Necessities?

First do an inventory of everything you have. If you have many duplicates then it may be time to clear out some of the clutter.  Next go ahead and group your tools according to what they are and how you use them.  First I make a pile that includes the most frequently used items.  These are either hung on a pegboard or put into an easily accessible drawer. In the center of my work bench.

Next small items like screws, nuts and bolts, washers, and nails are put in small plastic containers or jars.  Either way this works best when the containers are clear, and the items easy to see.

Tools Should be Accessible from the Workbench

If there is room it is great to set up workstations for each of your power tools.  If you do not have room you may only be able to set up the one or two that you use the most.  For me this would be a table saw.  The other power tools can be put on heavy duty shelving.  Make sure each station is well lit and there is plenty of room to work.  Other small tools that you would need while working with the power tool should be stored nearby. For easy access. 

I like to put the proper safety gear easily accessible as well.  I  always keep my pair of safety glasses on a hook front and center of my workbench.

Keep a Mobile Toolbox

Another trick that I use is keeping a separate toolbox handy that has  all of the tools I use around the house on a regular basis.  This way when a member of the family needs to use something like a hammer they are less likely to misplace it and the workbench remains nicely organized.

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