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Video:Guide to Workbenches

with George Allen

A new workbench can transform how you used your tools, your garage space and your DIY productivity. Watch this video to see what kind of options you have in this guide to workbenches.See Transcript

Transcript:Guide to Workbenches

Hi, I'm George Allen with with a guide to workbenches.

It can be intimidating to buy a new workbench.  They come at many price points from less than a hundred dollars to thousands for a full set up.  Different features also play a part of the decision. 

Workbench Styles

Customers will consider if they would like open or closed storage on their bench open storage can look more cluttered, but in an out of the way space it can be a great option because it offers visibility and offers ease of storing oversized items.  Closed storage on the other hand is essential if small children will be around, and the clean look may be desirable if aesthetics are to considered.  It however may cost more and oversized items may have trouble fitting.  Most people like a combination of the two types.

Workbench Durability

When deciding between wood and metal. Consider that while metal is more durable, and a must if you do things such as welding at you work bench, many people prefer the feel of a wooden work bench and it will work great for general woodworking purposes.

Whatever you choose make sure the height is right.  You should be able to comfortably put you palms flat on the surface when your arms are straight at your sides.

The tabletop could be made of a number of surfaces.  It needs to be durable.  More durable for instance than your typical laminate countertop.  You might consider a stainless steel table top for your work bench but this can be expensive and is not necessary in most cases.  As long as your work does not involve fire hazards, a thick wooden table top will be a great choice.  It is probably the most common surface out there.

You may see some work benches on wheels. This can be helpful if you need some mobility while working.  However I prefer the solid stability of workbench without wheels.    It is not mobile, but that feature is not always necessary.

Workbench Storage

Whatever work bench you choose make sure that it provides enough storage.  Drawers when organized can be a great form of covered storage, but the can be easily cluttered.  Shelves are also important for larger storage.  Make sure they are deep enough and heavy duty enough to hold expensive and heavy equipment.

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