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Video:Learn how to Clamp and Glue your Wobbly Chair

with Steve Crider

Learn how to repair a broken or loose joint on your chairs or other furniture for long-lasting stability.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn how to Clamp and Glue your Wobbly Chair

Hi, Steve Crider here for About.com Home. Has this ever happened to you? You're buckin' for the big promotion, you've invited the boss over for dinner, but his seat is on its last leg!

Materials for Chair Repair

Chairs take a real beating over time and it's only natural that over time one of those glue joints is going to fail. What do you need? Well to start with you need some common, everyday carpenters' glue.

Prepping the Joint for Longlasting Chair Repair

For a really long-lasting repair, you're going to need to get glue into that joint as deep as possible, so start off by pulling the joint all the way apart.

Step One- Applying Glue

Once you have the joint apart, apply the glue. And don't be stingy here, you can always wipe off the excess with a wet cloth.

Ensuring Chair Repair Success

After you have that joint glued up, you need to clamp it tight. You have several options here. You can go with a band clamp, a bar clamp, but even a piece of string will do. Wrap your string around the legs several times. Tie it tight.

Here's a tip. For really good clamping pressure, take a small piece of wood, put it into the loop and give it a couple of really good twists and let that set for 24 hours.

After the glues dries, pop of that clamp and you are ready for the big dinner. Can't you just smell that promotion? Thanks for watching. To learn more about home repair, and maybe even a little career advice visit us on the Web at Homegarden.About.com.
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