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Video:Make Your Own Fresh Room Spray

with Jennifer D'Amore

Why spend cash on store-bought home products? Freshen the air in your home with an all natural room spray that you can customize with essential oils.See Transcript

Transcript:Make Your Own Fresh Room Spray

Hi, I'm Jen D'Amore for and today I'm going to show you how to make your own fresh room spray using essential oils.

Homemade Room Spray Ingredients

First let's gather your materials. You'll need an empty spray bottle, water, alcohol, and essential oils. If you're a novice, you may want to begin with just one oil, like lavender or sandalwood, but if you really get into it, you can make your own custom scent for all your home cleaners.

The spray bottle can be new, or an old spray bottle from another natural home cleaner. If you're re-using an old bottle make sure that it didn't contain any chemicals, and be sure to wash it out well. If you're not sure, use a new bottle so you're not spraying anything unexpected into your own air.

Mix the Room Spray

Ok, let's start mixing. Start with the alcohol. You can use rubbing alcohol, or vodka. Pour alcohol into the clean spray bottle. There is no need for an exact measure but you'll want to use between a couple of tablespoons to a cup of alcohol. Next we'll add the essential oil, about 20-30 drops, and shake it up. The alcohol will insure that the scent of your oil carries through the entire spray, rather than just laying on top.

Using the Homemade Room Spray

Next, fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake it again, put the sprayer back on, and voila - your very own fresh all natural room spray. This would be a great time to label your bottle, so you don't confuse it with all your other natural home made products. Be sure to shake it before every use, to make sure the mixture hasn't settled.

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