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Video:Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

with Debbie Anderson

If you want to save a little money each month, use these household tips to lower your energy bill.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com!

It seems energy costs just keep getting higher and higher, so today I'm going to show you some everyday home tips on easy things you can do around the home to lower your energy usage and keep your monthly electric bill down!

Open Blinds and Shades

First, during the cold winter months, open blinds and shades during the day to allow the solar heat outside to raise the temperature inside your home. Then, remember to close the blinds and shades at night to minimize heat loss.

Replace Heating and Ventilation Filters

Next, clean or replace heating and ventilation filters on a monthly basis during high energy use seasons to improve efficiency.

Reduce Phantom Loads

Reduce phantom loads by plugging electronics into a power strip so that you can turn them all off at once when these electronics are not in use.

Use Portable Heaters

During cooler high energy use months, Zone-Heat your home by using a portable heater in areas you are actively using in the home and let the rest of the home remain at a lower temperature.

Insulate Electrical Outlets

Use electrical seals to insulate behind electrical outlets and wall switches to reduce costly temperature changes inside the home that are caused by drafty electrical outlets and light switch boxes.

Install Dimmer Switches

Install dimmer switches around the home so you use only as much light and electricity as you need.

Cool Hot Food

Always allow hot food and liquids to cool before placing them in the refrigerator and place a cover over foods and drinks in the refrigerator to reduce the amount of work your refrigerator has to do when keeping foods chilled.

Cook With Lids

Next, always cook with lids on so that the food will cook faster and turn off the stove or oven heat just prior to when your food is done cooking in order to use less energy while cooking.

Use Your Microwave

Finally, whenever possible, use a microwave to cook instead of a stove or oven to use less energy when cooking and remember to unplug the microwave when it is not in use to further reduce phantom loads.

With these everyday home life energy reduction tips, you're sure to see your electric bill come down too!

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