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Video:Tips to Lower Your Cost of Living

with Debbie Anderson

When you fall on hard times financially, the first thing to do is lower your cost of living. The good news is that it's possible to reduce your expenses without losing your quality of life. See our tips on painlessly lowering your cost of living.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips to Lower Your Cost of Living

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com! When you fall on financially difficult times, the first thing you want to do is to figure out a way to reduce your cost of living. So today, I'm going to cover a few tips on how you can reduce your cost of living without going without!

Combing Media Services

For this first tip, take advantage of savings by combining your phone, internet, and television services through one provider. It can possibly save you and your family upwards of even a hundred dollars a month while still keeping you both informed and entertained.

Buy Groceries in Bulk

For Tip Number Two: the next highest bill is generally the grocery bill. So, consider purchasing necessary items, such as cheese, meats, and breads in bulk, and then store these extra quantities in the freezer until use. For example: Bulk and family size packages of steaks, chicken breasts, and hamburger can be purchased at a discounted rate at many wholesale shopping chains, which can then be divided at home into smaller quantities and individually wrapped with freezer paper, so you can still eat healthy meals while living on a smaller grocery budget.

Conserve Energy

Tip Number Three is to reduce your home's energy usage by turning off lights when you exit a room; use surge protectors and get in the habit of turning off electronics that are not currently in use at the main power switch to reduce phantom power loads from running up your energy bill; and always try to use energy efficient appliances around the home.

Reduce Heating Costs

Finally, one of the best budget cutting tips of all is to reduce your heating costs by cleaning or replacing heating and ventilation filters on a monthly basis during high energy use seasons to improve efficiency; remembering to turn down the heating thermostat during cooler winter months when you leave the home, and opening blinds and shades during the day to allow the solar heat outside to raise the temperature inside your home, then, remember to close the blinds and shades at night to minimize heat loss in the home.

With these few simple tips you should be able to find a way to reduce your monthly cost of living without going without!

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