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Video:How to Insulate Electrical Outlets and Switches

with Debbie Anderson

Saving some money on your heating bill this winter may be as easy as insulating behind your home's electrical outlets and light switches. See how to insulate electrical outlets and switches in just a few simple steps.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Insulate Electrical Outlets and Switches

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for!

Drafty electrical outlets and switches around the home can cause your heating and cooling ventilation system to work harder than it should, which can ultimately cause your home to use more electricity. So today, I'm going to show you how to insulate your electrical outlets and switches to reduce your heating and electric bills!

Insulation Supplies

For this task you will need a circuit tester, electrical tape, a flat head screwdriver, a pair of scissors, and a package of electrical outlet and switch sealers.

Turn Off Electrical Power

Before working on any electrical outlets or switches, always make sure to turn off the power at the main circuit box and place a piece of electrical tape over the breaker that goes to the circuit you are working on.

Remove Wall Cover

Next, use your Flat Head Screwdriver to unscrew the small screw(s) holding the electrical outlet or switch plate cover to the wall.

Once the screw is removed, carefully remove the plate cover.

Test to Ensure Power Is Off

Next, use a circuit tester to test the outlet or switch circuit to make sure the circuit is definitely not drawing power.

Select and Place the Correct Seal

Use your scissors to cut out the correct seal from your electrical sealer kit for the outlet or switch you wish to insulate.

Carefully place the foam seal from your kit over the front of the outlet or switch so that only the switch or electric sockets on the outlet are showing through the foam seal.

Re-Secure the Wall Cover

Next, place the electrical outlet or switch plate cover back over the outlet or switch, and use your flat head screwdriver to secure the cover plate screw back to the outlet or switch on the wall.

Turn On the Electricity

Finally, remove the tape and turn the breaker back on at the main circuit box to restore power to the outlet or switch you just worked on.

Continue this process for each electrical outlet and switch in the home until all of the electrical outlets and wall switches are insulated around the home.

And there you have! No more drafty outlets and switches around the home!

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