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Video:How to Slash Your Grocery Store Bill

with Erin Huffstetler

You can save money on groceries by practicing a few simple habits. Here are tips to slash your grocery bill and more save money on groceries.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Slash Your Grocery Store Bill

Hi, I'm Erin Huffstetler, your Guide to Frugal Living at, and today I'm going to share some simple ways that you can slash your grocery bill.

Save Money with Various Coupon Sources

First up, coupon clipping. If you aren't clipping coupons now, you're missing out on some real savings. Go through the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper, and cut out any coupons that you can use. Then, visit a coupon website like to find even more. Just remember: a coupon will only save you money, if it's something that you would have bought anyway.

Use Sales to Save Money

Plan Meals Around Sales. Before you make out your grocery list, look through the weekly sales circular to see what's on sale. Then, try to plan your meals around those sales. It's an easy way to shave 25-50% off your bill.

If There Aren’t Sales, Substitute Ingredients

If you need something for a recipe and it's not on sale or you don't already have it on hand, see if you can substitute the ingredient with something that you do have.

Save Money Buying Scratch Ingredients

Frozen dinners and boxed mixes may save you time, but they won't save you any money. Fill your grocery cart with basic ingredients like flour, sugar, lean meats and whole fruits and vegetables. Then, make the foods that you like to eat from scratch.

Look for Reduced-Price Groceries

Grocery stores will often slash the price of items that they want to move quickly. This could be ultra-ripe produce, scratch and dent items, closeouts or foods that are at or near their use-by-date. Keep an eye out for those reduced-price stickers, and you could score some pretty big savings.

Start a Savings Stockpile

To maximize your grocery savings, stock up on your favorite foods when they're on sale. This simple habit will ensure that you never play full price for anything.

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