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Video:5 Tips For Using Aluminum Foil

with Cliff Wildman

Everyone knows that aluminum foil is great for wrapping up leftovers. But you can also use foil in many other handy ways around the home. See our five great tips for using aluminum foil.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Tips For Using Aluminum Foil

Hi, I'm Cliff Wildman with I'm here to talk to you today about aluminum foil.

Now I'm not going to tell you how to wrap up your leftovers and put them in the fridge, everyone knows that. But I am going to share some tips for foil that you may not have known.

Save Brown Sugar

The next time you go for that brown sugar while you're baking and it's a brick, place on a sheet of aluminum foil, preheat the oven to three hundred degrees, cook for five minutes and voila, no more brick, just brown sugar.

Use as a Fabric Softener

The next time you're drying clothes and you've run out of fabric softener, simply use a bit of aluminum foil roll into a ball throw in the dryer and dry normally. the aluminum foil attracts the static that would usually be on your clothes.

Improve Your Ironing

Now we'll use aluminum foil to improve an ironing board. First, remove the cover from the ironing board, place a piece of aluminum foil at the top where you do most of your ironing and replace the cover. The aluminum foil will hold the heat from the iron and help press the clothes from underneath.

Sharpen Scissors

The next time your scissors are getting dull, instead of getting a new pair, take several layers of aluminum foil and cut through them several times. this quickly sharpens the scissors and works on any type of scissors, cheap or expensive.

Make Grilled Cheese

This is my favorite. We're going to use aluminum foil to make a grilled cheese sandwich. First put all the ingredients for the sandwich in some foil, you can use butter or not, and fold the aluminum foil into a pouch. This is fun when you go on trip with kids and stop at hotel rooms because we're going to use an iron to cook the sandwich. We'll make sure the iron is heated up and we're going to cook that on both sides for several minutes until its toasted. Here's what the sandwich looks like when it's done.

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed learning some new uses for aluminum foil. For more videos check out
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