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Video:Tips for Cleaning Freshwater Tanks

with Tony Aversano

Cleaning your freshwater aquarium is easy, if you have some helpful tips. Check out the process for cleaning your aquarium to keep your fish healthy and happy.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Cleaning Freshwater Tanks

Hi! I’m Tony Aversano for and today I’m going to give you tips for cleaning your freshwater aquarium. We’re here at Fish Bowl Pets in Stamford, Connecticut. Having a clean tank filled with healthy, colorful fish provides fun and a relaxing experience.

Clean Your Aquarium to Maintain Water Chemistry

The methods and frequency of cleaning your aquarium will vary depending on several factors. A general rule of thumb for a partial water change is about once a month, however maintaining proper water chemistry and observing and completing the tests of water chemistry will dictate a long or a shorter period.

Common Aquarium Cleaning Products

Here are some commonly used aquarium cleaning products to help take water out of the aquarium and condition the new water and net out debris. The small, medium and large gravel cleaner, depending on the size of the aquarium. A fine mesh fish net to help scoop out material in the aquarium. Water conditioner that works immediately, allowing you to pour in tap water as long as it’s the right temperature directly into the aquarium.

Steps to Clean Your Aquarium

Today we’re going to do a partial water change on a 10 gallon freshwater tropical aquarium. And the first thing I’m going to do is remove the decorations. We’re going to stir up the aquarium gravel, notice how the fish are left in the tank. People always say well gee, doesn’t stirring the gravel affect the fish? And what I tell them is that the fish are in the aquarium anyway and are always being exposed to the gravel.

The next step is to wipe down the inside of the glass of the aquarium with an aquarium sponge to get any algae and other residue off. This is an aquarium vacuum siphon as a tool to clean the fish tanks. You can see that the gravel goes partially up the tube, the debris in the water gets sucked out of the tank and the whole point is to try and change out some of that old water from the bottom of the aquarium.

At this point we’ve removed about a third of the aquarium water and we’re now ready to begin refilling. Adding proper temperature water is very important along with water conditioner.

Once I’ve refilled the aquarium, get a fine mesh fish net and net out any floating debris. Then I will redecorate, move the gravel back into position and in about 5 minutes the aquarium should be crystal clear.

If you follow these tips you can keep your tank clean and have a healthy environment for your pet fish. To learn more about aquariums and other topics please visit and thanks for watching.

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