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Video:Prepare and Serve Escargot Bourguignon

with Chef John Mitzewich

Depending on your stomach, the idea of snails drenched in garlic butter may seem like a dream, or a nightmare. Watch how to prepare and serve the classic French delicacy escargot.See Transcript

Transcript:Prepare and Serve Escargot Bourguignon

Hi! I'm Chef John Mitzewich for Food. Today I'm going to show you the delicious French classic escargot. And actually it's Escargot Bourguignon, which is the traditional method of preparation. And Bourguignon just means it's from the Burgundy region of France.

Choose Escargot Snails

We're going to use some canned snails, some extra large French snails. Look at the label, make sure its just snail, water, and salt - and the Bourguignon method is just a simple garlic butter with some parsley and shallots.

Escargot Ingredients

So we're going to take:
  • 1 stick of butter, make sure it's softened
  • 1 tbsp of minced shallots
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of minced garlic
  • 1/4 cup of chopped parsley
  • black pepper to taste
  • salt to taste, I used about 1/2 tsp

Mix the Escargot Ingredients

Give that a mix, and that's basically the recipe. Once that's all mixed well we're going to have about enough for 32 portions; that's about 3/4 tsp per. Drain and rinse the snails. Make sure the oven is preheated to 425F. We want a nice hot oven.

Escargot Serving Options: Ramekins

There are 3 methods I'm going to show you how to serve. This is the easiest one. They sell these ramekins with little holes in them. You push the snail down in there and top it with about a tsp or 3/4 tsp of the butter. And that's ready for the oven.

Escargot Serving Options: Snail Shells

The second method is a little more interesting. If you can find a gourmet shop that sells these empty snail shells, you push the snail in about halfway, push in about 3/4 tsp of butter. Then they go in those little indents on these silver trays and that's method number two.

Escargot Serving Options: Rock Salt

Method number 3 is kind of fun. You get an oven-proof baking dish and put in about an inch of rock salt. Stuff the shell just like the last method, and just stick it in the rock salt. This is a nice method since you can sit the shells just how you want them. On the metal racks sometimes they tip over and the butter rolls out. You're going to bake those for 10 minutes; listen to those bubble. And that's it, you really just want to melt the butter, the snails are already cooked. These are so delicious.

Escargot Tips

Now, here're some tips on serving. You want to put a paper or cloth napkin down so they don't slide around. Be careful! These are hot. Here's what can happen. Don't use your bare hands! Get some escargot tongs. They are specially made tongs to hold the shell, much safer. Now, do you have any cocktail forks?? Regular forks are too big to grab the snails.

So, we have our cocktail forks, we have our tongs, we're going to stick it in and dig it out. We're going to dip it in that butter - unbelievable. Anyway, that's how to prepare and serve snails. Don't be afraid. Give it a try and enjoy!

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