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Video:Tips for Freelance Work Time Management

with Debbie Anderson

This video covers a few useful tips to help better manager your time when working from home.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Freelance Work Time Management

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for About.com. One of the most challenging factors of working from home is managing your time well so that you can devote equal time to both your personal life and your work life while at home. So today I'm going to cover a few useful tips to help keep yourself on track and motivated, even when the work you do is from home.

Start Each Morning Like an Office Work Day

If you are having a hard time staying motivated to actually work when you are at home – tip number one is to do something each morning to remind yourself that each and every day you work from home, is a day you still need to work.

For example: kick off the day on the right foot by starting each and every day that you need to work by setting your alarm clock for the time you would like to wake up and also making a point of taking a shower earlier in the day so that you can get things going from the time you wake up! These two simple acts in the morning will freshen you up and alert your mind that you need to work each day you are making your living from home!

Use a Home Office to Separate Work

Second, when you work for yourself at home, creating a home office space is essential to maintaining a sense of balance between your work life and your personal home life. Create an office space where you have a physical door that closes so that there is a distinct signal alerting others that you are working when you are in your home office and need to stay focused on what it is you do for a living.

Manage Administrative Tasks Daily

Third, schedule time each and every day to complete any administrative type duties such as reviewing financial matters, taking care of email and phone call correspondence, and running business errands. Then schedule a separate designated time slot in your work day for when you will perform the work for whatever it is you do to make your living. Scheduling time for both working one your business and a separate time to work in your business each day will help maintain order so you never fall behind.

Don't Let Personal Errands Run Into Work Time

Finally, set aside time each and every day for what time of the day you will take care of any personal errands, have lunch, or take care of any other personal obligations. So that you do not feel chronically torn between needing to take care of personal obligations and needing to work for your living. For example: Use your daily planner or calendar to schedule all daily Breaking Times each and every day so that you have a distinct time slot to take a break from your work schedule to attend to personal matters. Most important, be sure to include in your schedule a time limit for how much time you will devote toward these personal breaks in your work schedule so that you have an idea of what time you need to get back to work and devote yourself to making your income.

So long as you make a clear and distinct effort to schedule your work time vs. your personal time, you are sure to stay productive while still enjoying the freedoms provided through self-employment.

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