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Video:Best Types of Trees for a Yard

with Paul Filice

Imagine lounging under a shady tree in your own yard with the wind rustling through the branches. Well, make that fantasy a reality by finding the perfect trees for your yard with this landscaping video from Transcript

Transcript:Best Types of Trees for a Yard

Hi, I'm Paul Filice, President of Miner's ACE Hardware, here today on behalf of to talk to you about common trees for a yard.

Considerations for Yard Trees

Some of the things to consider when talking about trees in a yard is how large of an area do you want to fill, and what is the purpose of the tree: is it for shade, is it for screening, is it ornamental? For example, you wouldn't want to plant a Sequoia tree in an apartment-sized backyard--just not the right fit. So consult a local expert for what tree varieties grow good in your area.

Planting Fruit Trees in Your Yard

The first group of trees I'd like to talk to you about are fruiting trees. Now, there are many varieties of fruit tree, like the olive. Olive is great in Mediterranean-style landscapes; you can get it fruiting or not. Another thing to consider when selecting a fruit tree for your yard is you're going to need to deal with the fruit. If you like canning and jarring, that might be a good option. If you don't have a large family and are planting a large tree, you're going to have to deal with picking up the fruit.

Adding a Colorful Tree to Your Yard

If a fruit tree is not right for your situation, something to consider is adding color to your yard. A few of my favorite trees that would satisfy that need are Western Redbud, Dogwood, or Japanese Maple. The first two trees are pretty hearty and will not require a lot of maintenance. The Japanese Maple, on the other hand, does require some specific situations. It needs to be sheltered and out of the wind, and is very sensitive to frost and harsh climates.

How Large Will Your Tree Grow?

One last thing to consider before you plant a tree is what is the overall size of the tree going to be – not when you plant it, but when it reaches maturity. Are there overhead power lines? How close is it to your house or fenced yard? And another thing is the root system. Make sure there's no underground sprinklers, septic, or sidewalks that it might be near. And those are a few options for common trees in your yard.

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