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Video:What are Football Offensive Positions?

with Andy Miley

A football team is made of eleven different players each with different roles to help score points during the game. Learn more about the offensive line to get a better understanding of football.See Transcript

Transcript:What are Football Offensive Positions?

We watch sporting events to route on our favorite team by watching them score more points than their opponent. Offensive plays can be very exciting but it often takes many players working together to achieve the common goal. The positions of a football offensive unit are crucial to success. Let's go over their roles in more detail.

The Quarterback Leads the Offensive Line

The Quarterback is the "offensive general" it is his responsibility to lead his team to victory. The QB tells everyone else on the offense what play is being run while also trying to read and out wit the defense.  Similar to the Queen in chess, a QB can make the most moves on an offense.  He passes the ball to a receiver,  he can hand or pitch the ball to a running back or he can run the ball himself known as "the quarterback sneak" or in some cases "roll out" 

The Running Backs Carry the Football Down the Field

Lined up behind the QB you will find the running backs. The Full back and half back are the two traditional running back positions Their role primary role is to carry the ball.  A Fullbacks spends the majority of his time blocking for the half back and quarterback. The Half back is the primary ball carrier. The QB will hand the ball to the halfback as he attempts run the ball past the defense. 

Receivers Run and Catch the Football

Running backs can also catch the ball on a passing play.   Wide receivers are the primary passing receivers for the quarterback. They are positioned on the line, either at the end of the line or in the slot. Wide receivers are usually tall lanky fast players.   WRs are not needed to be good blockers, however, they will run passing routes that get in the way of defensive backs and linebackers to slow them down, when the offense runs the ball. 

The Offensive Line Includes Protective Players

Finally, The offensive line is comprised of the center, two guards and two tackles. The center hikes or snaps the ball to the QB at the beginning of each offensive play.  On each side of the center are the guards and next to them are the tackles. The role of the offensive line is the same when running or passing the ball…keep the defense occupied and away from the "skilled players" aka QB/RB/WR/TE.

Although each position has a very specific job that is uniquely different…the offensive team needs to work together to overcome the opposing defense and score. To learn more check us out on the web at About.com
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