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Video:Profile of Dan Marino

with Jamal Andress

What do you know about former NFL quarterback Dan Marino? Watch this video to test your knowledge and to learn more about his football career.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Dan Marino


Hi, I'm Jamal Andress with and today we're talking about NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.


Dan Marino's College Football Career

Daniel Marino, Jr., was born in 1961 in Pittsburgh. In high school, he played both football and baseball and was drafted by the Kansas City Royals but declined in order to play college football instead. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and led the Panthers to several big wins and finished fourth in Heisman voting his junior year.


Dan Marino's NFL Draft

Due to a poor senior year, his draft stock took a hit but he still went in the first round as the 27th overall pick to the Miami Dolphins in the 1983 NFL Draft. Marino finished his rookie year with a 96 passer rating, the highest of any rookie. Marino's rookie year he was also selected to start in the Pro Bowl making him the first ever rookie QB to receive the honor.


Dan Marino's Record Setting QB

In 1984, he began breaking and setting records. He threw a then record 5,084 yards for a then record 48 touchdowns and led the Dolphins to Super Bowl XIX (19) where they lost to Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers. But Marino would earn league MVP honors for that season. Though Miami wouldn't return to the Super Bowl with him, Marino consistently threw for more than 3 and 4,000 yards.


Marino's Injuries and Retirement

In 1993, Marino tore his Achilles tendon and missed a portion of the season but was back as the starter for '94. That year he was named Comeback Player of the Year after Miami went 10 and 6 and Marino threw for almost 45 hundred yards. Marino's performance would be up and down for the rest of his career. Before the 2000 season, he announced his retirement and in his final game -- a playoff game -- against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dolphins got blown out 62-7.


Marino's Post Retirement and Legacy

Marino became a broadcaster after his retirement, working first for HBO's Inside the NFL and then CBS's NFL Today. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005 and the Dolphins have retired his number 13. He holds 31 franchise records and a number of NFL records, including most career games with more than 400 yards, most career fourth quarter comebacks, and most seasons with more than 40 touchdowns. He formerly had records for most passing yards in a season, most career touchdowns and most career passing yards.


And that's look at NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino. Thanks for watching and for more information, be sure to check out

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