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Video:Profile of Adrian Peterson

with Jamal Andress

Interested in the background of star running back Adrian Peterson? Watch this video to learn all about him and his football accomplishments.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Adrian Peterson

Hi, I'm Jamal Andress for, and today we're taking a look at NFL running back Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson: Early Years

With a track star for a mother and a basketball player as a father, there's no guessing where this 4-time Pro Bowler got his athleticism. Peterson went to Palestine High School in Palestine, Texas. He rushed for more than 5,000 yards during his two year high school career.

Adrian Peterson and the University of Oklahoma

After graduating high school, A.P. ran the show at the University of Oklahoma where he broke a few NCAA freshman rushing records. Though he was up for winning the coveted Heisman Trophy, he fell short behind winner Matt Leinart in 2004.

NFL Draft

The Sooner traded in his maroon for horns and a dome when he was the first running back selected during the 2007 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Right out of the gate, this ‘purple jesus' became the second rookie to ever win Pro Bowl MVP, behind another stud running back, Marshall Faulk.

The 217 pound powerhouse has since been the pride of the purple. He has shattered multiple Vikings' franchise records, including: most career touchdowns, most 100-yard games and most career rushing yards, to name a few. Peterson became one of the highest paid NFL running backs in 2011, signing a 7-year deal that could pay him $100 million.

Adrian Peterson Injuries and Recovery

But, Peterson showed he was human in 2011. He fumbled 9 times during his second season and suffered a series of injuries - one being a high ankle sprain. Then - on Christmas Eve in 2011 Peterson tore his MCL and ACL.

In true workhouse style, Peterson impressively returned to action in less than 10 months. Some call it the most impressive ACL recovery by an NFL running back in history.

And that was a quick look at running back Adrian Peterson. For more information, be sure to check out

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