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Video:How to Tackle in Football

with Shomari Moore

You never want to be in a situation where your tackle hurts yourself and others. Learn how to secure a safe and effective tackle.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Tackle in Football

My name is Shomari Moore. We're here at the University of Kentucky practice fields. I am a former defensive back for the University of Kentucky. Today were here with to show you how to secure a perfect tackle.

Tackling Stance

So before we begin, I'd like to show you the basic position to secure a tackle, and also how to prevent a spinal cord injury. You’ll want your feet shoulder width apart, and stand in a nice, relaxed stance. Bend your knees slightly so you can move side to side, and your ankles are parallel with your buttocks. Bend your knees, hands out, and you are stepping with your inside leg. Nice hard steps.

Prevent Injury During Tackle

Secure the tackle, arms around and were also grabbing cloth. Head up, chin up to prevent spinal cord injury. Many times we see guys come in with their head down, this jams your neck into the vertebrae and you have a spinal cord injury leaving yourself paralyzed. So be cautious.

Make the Tackle

When making a tackle the most important thing is head up, eyes up, chin up, and use your butt and legs to drive that person in which ever direction his momentum is taking him. First you want to take the middle half of your opponent, and step with the inside leg towards the middle of their crotch. You start at arms length away. Step left-foot, inside foot in, head up, chin up, secure the tackle, wrap right leg around, and lift up, driving your opponent backwards. Second stage of securing the tackle, because not all our opponents will go backwards, you'll want to feel their momentum to take them that way and secure the tackle.

For example, this person is running to my right, I am coming in, arms length apart, stepping in with my right leg, stepping in with the left leg around, and were dumping over in the direction his momentum is leading. Third step is grabbing cloth. As we see, many people are running, wiggling, getting out of tackles, but you always want to grab cloth. Arms length away, stepping in with our inside foot, wrapping around with our left, grabbing the back of his jersey, to help secure this tackle, and then were rising and taking him in whichever direction his momentum is taking us. And that's how you secure a perfect tackle.

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