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Video:Game Day D-Fence Sign

with Charlie McKeague

A D-Fence sign is a popular way to pump up the crowd during a game. This video from has a quick guide to making the classic D-Fence sign.See Transcript

Transcript:Game Day D-Fence Sign

Hi, I'm Charlie McKeague for, and today we're talking about how to make a D-Fence sign to help you cheer on your team during any tailgate or game day outing.

Materials to Make a D-Fence Sign

This traditional two-part sign usually includes both a capital letter D and an outline of a picket fence. But before you get started you'll need some poster board, a ruler or yardstick, something to write with, and some scissors or other cutting tool such as a hobby knife. 

Poster Board Size and Thickness

How much poster board you'll need depends entirely upon how big you want your sign to be. If you want to make a larger sign, meant to be held by two people, you'll want two pieces of poster board. But if you just want one that can be held by one person, one piece should do the trick. Also, you'll want thick enough poster board so the sign doesn't slump or bend when you're holding it. 

Cutting Out the Letter D

Now that you have your materials, you're ready to begin. But before you start cutting away, you'll need to first trace out your design. You can use your ruler and pen or pencil to draw your letter D. First, trace around your ruler to make a two dimensional line. Then, draw two semi-circles from this line to finish your two-dimensional letter D. 

Cutting Out the Picket Fence

To complete your sign, all you need is your picket fence. This part of your sign can be easily made by using your ruler or yardstick. Just draw two 2D lines horizontally on your poster board and four or five shorter lines intersecting the longer ones. The end result should look something like two hashtags put together side-by-side. Once you have this traced, just cut out the fence and letter D as whole pieces. But be careful, those right angles can be tricky. Once finish cutting, your sign is now complete. Remember sports fans, defense wins championships. 

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