Tips for Recipe Substitutions With Wheat Allergies Video
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Video:Tips for Recipe Substitutions With Wheat Allergies

with Ilyse Schapiro

Substitute ingredients in your favorite recipes so that anyone with wheat allergies can enjoy the treats too. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use recipe substitutions.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Recipe Substitutions With Wheat Allergies

Hi, I’m Ilyse Schapiro, pediatric dietitian and nutritionist and I’m here today for to talk to you about six great substitutions to use for wheat flour – if somebody has a wheat allergy.

Flour Substitution: Tapioca

So first we have tapioca flour, tapioca flour is great – it actually adds chewiness to baking, so I like using it for cookies, brownies, blondies – those types of baked goods.

Flour Substitution: Potato Starch

And next we have potato starch flour.  This is great.  I actually love using this flour and always having it around because it doesn’t go rancid so easily like some of the other wheat-frees substitutions.  Potato starch flour is great to use in breads, cakes cookies.  It actually has a light, undetectable flavor.

Flour Substitution: Chick Pea

Next we have the garbonzo bean – or actually chick pea flour.   It’s rich in fiber and protein and it actually provides a slight nuttier flavor and texture, so I like to use it in my baked goods where I use nuts, like a banana nut bread or some kind of cookie that I like to use nuts in.

Flour Substitution: Brown Rice

So, next we have brown rice flour.  Ecen though it has a slightly more distinct taste than white rice flour, I prefer to use it, and I love using the brown rice flour in bread recipes, cakes, and cookie recipes.

Flour Substitution: Wheat-Free Oats

Next we have oat flour – this is great.  You can actually use whole rolled oats that you crush yourself or you can buy it prepackaged in the store.   Oat flour is great because it easily substitutes in many recipes such as cookies and cakes.

Flour Substitution: Quinoa

And finally, we have quinoa flour.  So quinoa now is this super super grain and they figured out how to crush it and make it into a flour that you can use in your favorite recipes.  So, quinoa’s great – it’s rich in protein and fiber and it easily substitutes in many – actually bread and pancake recipes.

So there you have it, six great wheat-free substitutions for flours that you can use in your favorite recipes.  For more information, visit

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