Tips for Recipe Substitutions With Dairy Allergies Video
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Video:Tips for Recipe Substitutions With Dairy Allergies

with Ilyse Schapiro

Substitute ingredients in your favorite recipes so that anyone with dairy allergies can enjoy the treats too. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use recipe substitutions.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Recipe Substitutions With Dairy Allergies

Hi, I’m Ilyse Schapiro, pediatric dietitian and nutritionist and I’m here today for to talk to you about dairy substitutions in recipes.  Now, when your child has a dairy allergy it could be hard to figure out what to use to substitute, but I’m here today to speak to you about what you can use.

Cream Substitutions

So, first, if the recipe calls for cream, it’s easy to substitute in unsweetened coconut milk, which is great – I actually love it because it’s fortified with vitamin D, or soy coffee creamer – both very easy to pick up in any supermarket these days.

If the recipe just calls for milk, easy to substitute in some almond milk.  I actually love almond milk, - it has more calcium than regular cow’s milk and is lower in fat than cow’s milk.  So, I have no problem substituting in any of my recipes and I feel good about giving it to my kids. 

Butter Substitutions

If the recipe calls for butter, you have a lot of options of what you can use.  I love using applesauce in a lot of my recipes for cookies, chewy brownies, and it actually really makes the recipes lower in fat, which I feel good about.

If the recipe calls for more liquid ingredients,  you can use a butter substitute like olive oil, which is heart healthy and canola oil – and it works well in recipes that have liquid ingredients like maple syrup, honey or molasses – it works very easily with that.

Now, if the recipe calls for real stick-like butter, I love using the earth balance buttery stick.  It’s easy to find in any standard supermarket these days, but it’s great because it subs right in for butter.

So there you have it – seven great substitutions for dairy in any of your favorite recipes.   Depending of what your recipe call for, you have your choice of what you need to use.   For more information, please visit

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