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Video:How to Cast a Reel

with Todd Larson

Learn how to cast a reel so that you can go fishing properly. Watch this video to learn how to cast a bait caster and an open-face spinning reel.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cast a Reel

Hi, I'm Todd Larson and I am here with to talk to you a little bit about how to cast a bait caster and an open-face spinning reel.

Cast a Bait Casting Reel

We have two different types of reels here, we have a low profile bait casting reel, and we have an open-face spinning reel. To cast a bait caster, you are going to push down on this button and put your thumb on the spool to stop it from moving. As you are holding the spool, you are going to draw your rod back and flick your wrist forward and let go, to allow the spool to move and the lure to fly though the air.

Once the lure is in the air you need to pay close attention to when it hits the water, because you need to stop that spool from spinning with your thumb again.  That's very important because if you don't do that, this is going to get very tangled. Once your lure has landed and you stopped the spool simply grab onto the handle and turn it and you are ready to go.

Cast an Open-Face Spin Reel

Here we have an open-face spin casting reel, this is a very versatile reel. To cast you are going to want to open the bail with your hand. You are going to hold the line with your pointer finger up against the handle of the rod. You are going to draw it back and you are going to throw it, and you have to let go of the line during your motion forward. And once it lands, you are going to want to close the bail with your hand and you are ready to go from there.

Thanks for watching. Hopefully that was helpful and for more information on fishing techniques and fishing tips, please visit

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